1. What is BuddhiJeevi.com 

BuddhiJeevi.com is a Marketplace that will bring all the Education related community to a common platform. The Marketplace will enable coordination amongst its players to derive and share value with each other with a final objective benefitting nation or community to be more Knowledgeable. 


  1. How can I Sign up with BuddhiJeevi.com? 

You can Sign up for Free with BuddhiJeevi.com by clicking on the Sign up button or the Menu link located in the top right hand corner of the Page. We encourage you to provide some basic information such as Name, Email and Mobile Number to register with us. (Please refer to why Mobile Number and Email is necessary). 

On successful Sign up, you will be getting an Email with a link to confirm your registration. We request you to complete the process by clicking on the link provided by BuddhiJeevi.com 


  1. Even though I have registered, I have not received any Email confirming my registration. Why? 

In all probability a mail certainly would have been sent to your registered Email address. We request you to check your JUNK/SPAM folders in mail client once to verify. We also encourage you to add Donotreply@buddhijeevi.com into the valid recipients. 

If you done that and not received an Email, we sincerely apologize. Please send out an Email to support@buddhiJeevi.com or use the Feedback PopOut to share your issue, we promise to address this on priority. 


  1. Why should I be providing my Email address and Mobile number? 

We intend to provide Life time benefits through our Marketplace platform. In order for us to do that, we require an authenticated and valid channels to communicate with you. By providing us with your Email and Mobile number, it will help us and in turn you to be updated on BuddhiJeevi activities that are related for your wellbeing and Educational benefits. It will also serve as your user name to login to the Marketplace.

The information you provide will not be disclosed in any manner and will be governed as per our PRIVACY Policy. 


  1. How can I verify my Email address and Mobile Number?

Post successful registration an Email will be sent to you with a link. You should click on the link to verify your Email address

To verify your mobile number, a Onetime Password SMS will be sent to your Mobile number. Please input that number received to verify your Mobile number.

Post verification, the Name, Email and Mobile number will become Read only fields.


  1. Where and Why is it important for me to update my profile information?

The Student/Institute User/Trainer can complete his profile, by clicking on the User Details sub menu, post successful login.

The left hand side has a complete catalogue of information that will assist User to update his/her information. These are not mandatory information, however providing and completing the profile information will help the student community to be more accessible and stand out highlight your skillset accessible to the world. We at BuddhiJeevi.com will ensure, you get all the due credit and benefit for the skill set you possess through various engagement with other stakeholders in the Market place.


  1. Where can I change my Password?

You can change your password by clicking on the User Details sub menu, post successful login.



  1. As a Student, what are the benefits I can get by Signing up with BuddhiJeevi.com? 

The benefits of signing up with BuddhiJeevi are many fold. The platform is designed to enable the Student as the end beneficiary. To begin with we are enabling Student to easily locate the Trainings of their choice. They can make an informed decision to enroll into the Course and Institute of their choice. The platform provides them all the necessary information required to make this informed decision such as: 

  1. List of all the Courses matching to their Keyword Search, Location and selective option through Main Category -> Category
  2. Sort the list of courses based Location and Course Rating
  3. Course Curriculum – Student can view the complete course curriculum delivered
  4. Trainer and Institute Profile – Student can view the Trainer and Institute profile to make their informed choice to Enroll
  5. Rating and Review– The Course Rating will provide information about the Course and what other students are telling.
  6. Various choices of Courses based on Mode of Delivery:
    1. Online – Option to select only the Courses delivered using Online mode
    2. Classroom – Option to select the courses delivered through traditional Classroom method
  • Personal Trainer – Option to select certain Courses or hobbies with the benefit of person trainer to assist
  1. Choice based on Duration:
    1. Workshop Courses – The courses duration that are less than or equal to 5 Days
    2. Short Term Courses – Job Oriented courses typical duration of 1-6 Months.
  2. Choice based on Program:
    1. Government or Corporate Sponsored Programs – These would include Trainings that are sponsored by Government and Corporate bodies.
    2. Private Training Institutes – These would be Programs that are individually run by independent Training Institutes. 

As we move forward, in future we will provide the Student with more additional information such as Job Profile, Salary Information etc., to assist him/her in Improving profile and making the right career choice. 


  1. What is the best possible way for me as a Student to locate at the Training of my choice?

BuddhiJeevi.com market place is driven by process. Our aim is to provide Student with a flexible option to assist him to make an informed decision to enroll to a course based on his choices. Based on our practice, the steps below should arrive you at the desired result.

  1. Click on Courses menu to go to the Course Catalogue page of BuddhiJeevi.com
  2. Please start by specifying the location of your choice
  3. Choose either by specifying the Key Word or Navigate by selecting the Main Category -> Category to list the Trainings of your choice to that location

Against the output, you can use the filter option on the left hand side to filter it further down by selecting a course topic or one or more check boxes. The Sort by option will give you the sort results based on the final output.


  1. Does BuddhiJeevi provides me with any free Courses? 

We intend to put forward all types of Courses including the Free courses to the Students. The Corporate and Skill Development Program category is one such initiative. These programs come with certain benefits with free Training sponsored by Government and Corporates. The Student can click on the link to view the Benefits and the Eligibility criteria for such courses.  We will make such programs available as and when they are made available to us.


  1. Why is it necessary to provide the Identity information such as Aadhaar or Passport number? 

As mentioned, we at BuddhiJeevi intend to provide benefits across all the Programs in this country and beyond. The Identity information is mandatory and required pre-requisites to be eligible for some of the Programs.

However, it’s not mandatory for the Student to provide and is completely independent to his/her choice. The information provided here will be governed by the Privacy policy.


  1. I have a Question about a Topic of my Interest. How can I get answers?

The very nature of internet is overwhelming but also confusing. Historically, the most effective way of learning is though the Guru-Shisya parampara (Teacher – Student Coordination), we at BuddhiJeevi.com are bound by it. It helps you to give specific answers to the Question you post. The World is full of Experts, we will ensure somewhere somebody will attend to your Question.


  1. What if the Question or Response happen to be Abusive?

You can mark it as Abuse. Like Endorsements we also track the Abusive comments and will go against that person; we will help that person to change the thinking process, and if repetitive will lead to deactivation of that Account.  


  1. What are Batch Information?

In a typical Training scenario, a short term courses can be scheduled called as Batches. The Batch information consists of information such as Batch Start Date, Batch End Date and Last Date of Enrolment. It has multiple benefits:

Institute: Enables Training Institute to be more organized and can plan the Training for a course throughout the Year

Students: Gives Student the flexibility to opt for the Batch of their preference in a particular institute.


  1. What is a Program? 

A Training Program or a Scheme sponsored by a Corporate body or Government or any other institute. The Program will have set of guidelines with a set of courses offering Student more benefits. The Certificate offered by the Institute against a Program holds more value in the Market. Ex. PMKVY Program by NSDC


  1. I will require a counsel session before deciding whether to join an Institute/Course. What should I be doing?

We very much appreciate your decision, and hence we have enabled an option for you to request for a Call back or Schedule an appointment in an Institute. You can do so by

Step 1: Click on any course of your choice Course catalogue

Step 2: Click on Enquire button on top right hand corner

Step 3: In the Enquiry tab in the Pop up, select an option for a Call Back or Schedule an Appointment to specify a Date and Time for a counsellor to get back to you. You can even post a question for a counsellor to address you during the counselling session


  1. I am interested in enrolling to class and want to make a Payment. How can I do that?

If you have decided to Enroll to a Course/Batch, you can do so by following steps:

Step 1: Click on any course of your choice Course catalogue

Step 2: Click on Enroll button on top right hand corner

Step 3: We will either provide you with following Payment options:

  1. Payment tab, view the details of the total Amount to be paid inclusive of Taxes minus the discounts (if any) offered by the Institute.
    Enter your question and click on submit button. You will be redirected to a Payment gateway to make an Online payment.
  2. We will be sending you an external link to enable you to make a Payment
  • We will provide you with alternative means such as Mobile Wallet or App to complete the payment

Post successful payment, you will receive a mail and a counsellor from the Institute will get back to you on the next steps related to the Enrolment process. 



  1. Why is the Institute name mandatory at time of Registration along with User Information? 

For the Institute registration, we need to register the Name of the Institute. We recommend to provide us with the complete name of the Institute registered with the Government or Income Tax department. Ex: ABC Pvt. Limited; XYZ LLC etc., along with the User information. 

Also please mention the Branch name affixed along with Institute Name, if you happen to have more than one Institute at different locations


  1. What user details should I be providing along with the Institute Name? 

We recommend providing us with the user information of Institute Manager, or Head of Institute. The details to be provided for the user is same as described above in the common section


  1. Where can I update my Institute Address? 

As a registered Institute, you can update the full address of the Institute under the profile type under the Role section of User Details. The profile type will be listed as Training Institute, and below that you should find details to update the Institute Address.


  1. What is Location field in the Institute Address? 

The Location field maps against the exact geo coordinates of the Institute location. We strongly recommend you to update this field along with the full address, as this will help the student to easily locate and identify the exact location the Institute also reflects accurately in the Search result.


  1. How can I create a new Course and Training Batch? 

You need to be registered with us and under an Active contract to create a new Course in BuddhiJeevi.com. Please send an email to support@buddijeevi.com for any inquiries you have related to Sales Contract and subscription information


  1. I am unable to Schedule a new Batch against a new Course I have created. Why? 

The course you created need to be approved by the BuddhiJeevi compliance team. To publish a course for approval, please click on Publish button against the course in Manage listing panel. The team will get back to you in approximately 24 hours with the status and comments, for any changes that is required for the Course 


  1. What are the various Status of the Course in Manage listing?

The Courses created has status associated with it. The actions that can be performed are governed by the current status of the course. Below are the status and description and the actions you can perform against the Courses.


Status Description Actions that can be performed
Published - No This will be initial state, when the course is created by the Institute User Edit; Publish; Close
Published - Yes The course is published for Approval and awaiting Status Close
Approved The Published course is approved by the Compliance team for Batch Scheduling Schedule Batch; View Batches; Close
Not Approved The Published course is not approved by the Compliance team and need some changes.
Info: Refer to the comments section for changes recommended
Edit; Close
Closed The Course is in Closed state
Caution: Setting the Course to close state will result in all the active Batches NOT visible to the Student during Search
View Batches; Publish; Edit


  1. Why it is important to update all the information related to Profile, Course Summary, Skill set and Batch Information?

The Platform is being designed to highlight your accomplishments and enable Student to make a legitimate choice while selecting a particular Training. Having the above information up-to-date will help you to Highlight your Institute, Trainer Profile and Course Information to create a maximum impact with the students and there by leading to more enquiries.


  1. What are the important information required to Schedule a Training Batch? 

Against an approved course, you can schedule a Batch. While Scheduling a Batch, you need to:

  1. Provide Date information of Start Date, End Date and Last Date for Enrolment
  2. Associate a Trainer with a Batch by providing his/her Email address
    (Preferably BuddhiJeevi.com registered Email address with all his/her profile information updated)
  3. Program Details – If the Batch is associated against a Training Program you are engaged with
  4. Price Information – Pricing and Discount information


  1. How can I view my Contract information with BuddhiJeevi.com? 

You should view your Contract status with BuddhiJeevi.com by going to the User Profile and under the Subscription section. Here you will see the list of Active and Expired contract with us.


  1. How do I know the Enquiry against my Course/Batch?

You will be notified real time when an Enquiry is generated against your course. You will also have dashboard in your User details section to view the real time status of Call Back’s and Appointments.




  1. How am I associated against a Course or Training?

A Training Institute can assign you by entering your Email address against a Batch created.


  1. As a Trainer, am I allowed to create my own Courses and Batches?

You are allowed to create your own courses and Batches, provided you are on an active subscription with us. You need to register with us with a Unique Email address and go through the process of active subscription with BuddhiJeevi.com. If so, all the questions associated against an Institute will also be applicable to you.


  1. Is it important to update my Profile information? 

It is of UTMOST importance to update the Trainer Profile information. The information you provide acts as highlight information when the Student views the Trainer Profile. We highly recommend you to update all the necessary information under the User profile section.