Buddhijeevi for Students

Our aim is to enable you towards a bright future. So whichever path you choose through us, be assured that it brings you closer to your intended goal.

Choose from wide array of Training Programs near you that are meant to prepare you for the future. Search based on Interest, Location, Duration, Facilities (Women Only), Accomodation and other benefits, the Program has to offer including Free and subsidized courses.

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Buddhijeevi for CSR, Implementation Bodies and Institutes

Student Mobilization and Salesforce Solution

Your Salesforce engine for student mobilization and retention strategy

We understand the ground level challenges and we have solution to address the same. Through our unique Marketplace solution supported with local language(s) and community support will help in articulating the benefits the program has to offer in a very effective way. You can Monitor the entire program sitting on your Desk.

We found the Platform to be very interactive and Precise. Overall, it’s an innovative idea to bring Training Programs and Students together Industry Academic Association

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Buddhijeevi for Counsellors

Opportunity to guiding youth towards a Career choice

There are Millions out there who need guidance and hand holding towards a Career choice. We are providing you with a Platform to enable it.

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